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Issue 01Red/Purple -  Page  32 & Page 32
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For convenience I have the speech bubbles here in case you don't wish to enlarge the image and scroll.

So why the super large page you ask??? And what does FLIP OVER BOOK mean?
This page is actually TWO pages! This is a 2 page splash turned sideways. Keep in mind that in PRINT form this book will have 2 stories. It'll be 2 issues in 1 and you will flip the comic over to read the other story. There is no wrong issue to read 1st. Obviously I have to make 1 story before the other though =p
These 2 pages are the last pages for BOTH stories! That's why you get to see Fenny and Sally here. So in a way this is a glimpse into their story's end too. Very very little context to work with though so have fun with speculation!

And speaking of speculation! What can o' worms is being opened up now?!!! Do any Prologue readers remember the woman here? And who is this other guy???
Hold on to your seats! This is just a small preview into what's about to start hitting the fan in this new storyline of Devon Legacy!

Looks like the gang is coming together. I can't wait to see the next part! :D
Yep! Plot points will begin merging soon!
Though sadly you will have to wait a good while to see what happens next because I now have to make the SECOND story for issue 1! The one that stars Fenny and Sally! So Rick and Emella have to sit back for a bit longer and wait for each other!
We referring to the large armored alien in the background? Or the mean looking woman in the foreground?!!! :o
This is beyond awesome! I will have this in print.
Thank you! I hope the 2nd half delivers as much or more!!!
Great way to end the chapter
Great work on this issue. Amazing!
I'm really glad you liked it!